Recover Your Time!

Time Recovery Coaching for Individuals and Groups

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Customized Coaching for Individuals

What would life be like if you didn’t feel anxiety and guilt about how much you're getting done, or not getting done? In this coaching, we use your strengths and preferences to closely align your time with your goals. 

You know that the way you use your time can be a source of tremendous strength or a liability. In coaching leaders, I've found that the most successful among them have spent time customizing time management and workflow practices that allow them to preserve time for the most important parts of their work and lives, and to operate with a low degree of daily stress. This coaching program will bring into focus the things that are worth your time, and importantly, the things that aren't, inspiring you to delegate or say no when you want to.    

Using a strengths-based approach grounded in time management best practices and the neuroscience of productivity and flow, we begin with your goals and values, which are the birth-place of good time management skills. We then focus on: 

  • Diagnosing Personal Pain Points and Time Losses: We will come to a clear and specific understanding of where you lose time or when you use it inefficiently
  • Prioritization: We will develop prioritization criteria that optimize for your goals and preferences, so that prioritizing becomes a quick routine for you 
  • Planning and Effectiveness: We will customize planning methods and tools to advance your work and life 
  • Efficiency: Select and adopt the strategies that enhance your productivity and help you respond effectively to unplanned interruptions
  • Procrastination: Decode to see the message embedded in your procrastination, and respond with kindness and improved performance 
  • Email: Best practices for managing this important, but time-sucking tool 
  • Productive rest: Integrate breaks that offer productive rest throughout your day and cultivate personally restorative practices

Workshops for Teams + Organizations

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In this day-long workshop we examine and apply time-management best practices to our work in organizations, where competing priorities and the need to constantly “fight fires” have become the norm. In these kinds of environments, building the awareness and habits that can help you prioritize your work and get the most important things done well is more important than ever. These habits will help you finish your work day with a sense of completion and pride, so you can give yourself permission to turn off your work brain and fully focus on your personal life. In this workshop we explore:

  • Goals, Values and Preferences: Our goals, values and preferences are the birth-place of good time management skills
  • Prioritization: How to consistently make time to prioritize, and several different prioritization methods 
  • Planning: Big picture and tactical planning methods to ensure you stay on top of your many projects and are prepared to use your time well each day 
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: The difference between these two, and strategies for maximizing both 
  • Productivity Enhancement: Responding effectively to unplanned interruptions, changes to your plan, and other situations that steal time and interfere with your ability to accomplish what you’d like at work 
  • Procrastination: Decode the message embedded in your procrastination and respond with kindness and improved performance
  • Social media and "connectedness": Explore the role that social media and 'being connected' occupy in your life and the time you spend on them
  • Email: Best practices for managing this important, but time-sucking tool