Lead Well

Lead Well

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One of the challenges inherent in leadership is that others expect you to have answers and solve problems. And there are less and less people and places where you can go to work out the challenges on your plate. Your decisions impact those around you and possibly many unseen others, and you're often working with imperfect information. A thirst for real and actionable feedback, the need for an unbiased thought-partner, and a hunger for a confidential space to work out complex issues are three reasons that leaders work with me. 

This coaching will help you work from your strengths, bring your blind-spots into focus, and strengthen weaknesses that are in your way. 

My role is to ask you the questions that you and others are not asking, and help you see the preconceptions, beliefs and fears that may be limiting your perspective and ability to see solutions. 

If you're a young leader, you may be struggling with additional concerns, such as how to earn the respect of colleagues who are much older than you, how to lead others through situations you've never experienced before, and how to project confidence when you don't feel confident. These are hallmark concerns for leaders who shoulder significant responsibility at a relatively young age. This coaching can give you tools to address all of these. 


Oh Sh*t Coaching

Something happened, but you don’t want to talk about it with your colleagues, friends or partner yet. Oh Sh*t Coaching is designed for those situations when you need to sort through what’s happened and plot your response, but you’d like to do that with a thought-partner who’s not in the mix. Available to all leadership coaching clients. On demand, including late at night.