HR and Operations Consulting

Sometimes it helps to have an outside opinion. Maybe you're missing a skillset you need for a project, or you want someone with prior experience to lead an important initiative. As a senior leader in large and small organizations, I’ve built highly-effective teams and the systems and tools that supported their work. My experience allows me to assess a situation and offer suggestions quickly. There are many ways I can help. For example:

·       Facilitating a strategic decision making process
·       Developing and leading a strategic planning retreat
·       Training and workshops
·       Designing or optimizing operating processes
·       Designing or optimizing workflow and building workflow tools
·       Recruiting diverse teams and hard-to-find employees
·       Building a performance management system
·       Implementing performance-based salary increases
·       Developing salary bands and career ladders
·       Developing employee policies that align with the organization's values
·       Doing time management coaching

Feedback about a strategic planning retreat:
"Tali was an invaluable resource during our first all-staff retreat. She facilitated a 2-day workshop where the staff engaged in thought-provoking discussions around the organization's history, goals, values and strategic plans for the future.

Tali established a sense of trust in each of the sessions, encouraging staff to feel comfortable and to share their thoughts and experiences. She made sure that each and every staff member was engaged throughout the retreat and facilitated translations from bilingual staff when needed. Tali's insight recognized when the staff were more engaged on certain topics and adapted the schedule throughout to facilitate further conversation where needed.

The retreat was extremely well organized and had the right balance between work-related sessions and fun, with lots of laughter. The memories and bonds that were formed among the staff during the retreat were truly special and we are extremely grateful for all of Tali's wonderful work! - Tyler Nelson, Executive Director of HealthBuilders


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