Clients Say

Clients say...

“I’ve had other coaches before but Tali has a rare mix of practical management experience (can lean on her own experience of managing a complex group of employees while growing multiple organizations) combined with a truly rare ability to ask very helpful and guiding questions that have helped me grow as a leader/friend/person.”   — AP, CEO of a startup technology company

“Working with Tali I’ve gained insight into behaviors I wasn’t conscious of — and guidance on the difference between internal and external factors of success. Tali provides a safe space to be 100% authentic, and have room for reflection and decision making based on my most authentic thoughts.” — TA, Clinical Program Manager at a medical device company

Tali brings a unique talent and skillset to this field. Her ability to understand my unique leadership style, while bringing in her years of experience and expertise as a non-profit leader, helped me gain insights that were authentic to me while also grounded in wisdom and experience. I was surprised at how quickly I gained practical benefits from Tali’s coaching sessions. I found myself referencing parts of our conversation in work meetings, in my personal life, and as I made important life decisions. I highly recommend this coaching experience!” — ER, Founder of a social enterprise
Tali is extremely talented and helped me pave a path forward in my career during a time when I felt completely lost. She helped me find motivation and inspiration within myself to improve both my current role and seek new opportunities. What I loved about coaching with Tali, was that each session felt like we took a holistic look at the challenges I was facing, and through guided exercises and thought provoking questions she helped me discover mental blocks that were preventing me from moving forward in my career. After each conversation, I not only had a revelation about my own career path but also actionable tasks.
— CB, reproductive health professional
“Tali combines in-depth experience in the non-profit sector with a real passion for helping people develop and find their unique way to contribute to social change. I would highly recommend her as a thought partner to work through complex issues. She’s warm and engaging with a fun personality and great sense of humor.”  — HT, Executive Director of a social justice nonprofit
“With Tali’s coaching, I focused on my strengths and goals during a challenging transition. She helped me in so many ways to move forward - seeing and realizing the potential for success.” — PA, Executive at a social service organization

"Tali helped me through a particularly difficult period in my life. At a time when I was overwhelmed by both my personal and professional trajectories, Tali was able to help me find solace in the uncertainty and work towards the goals I had set for myself in a constructive and positive way. On top of that, her career advice was absolutely spot on, and as a direct result of her coaching I have begun to alter the way in which I perceive and react to certain professional situations, focusing my intention on learning and growth." - CB, Program Manager at an international relief organization
“Coaching helped me better understand my inherent strengths and how to utilize them in my personal and professional life. Perhaps the greatest lasting impact of Tali’s coaching is that I am able to use what I learned from our sessions in entirely new and energizing ways. It helped me structure career plans and goals, and prioritize my personal commitments and relationships. ” — LK, Disease Intervention Specialist, State Department of Health

Tali's approach to crafting my resume and cover letter leapfrogged anything I would have been able to do in ten revisions. I have participated in many professional development programs and consider myself an introspective person, but the work we did was relevant, appropriate, and deep without sensationalizing moments of false epiphany, or inauthenticity. I am better able to talk about my work and how I contribute value. 

One of my most painful experiences was a decision to change continents and move closer to my family. I had been seeking support from my family and friends for months with regard to a particular aspect of my leaving, and when I spoke to Tali, her guidance to change my perspective was transformative. Tali has been an amazing partner during my transition. — TD, independent consultant



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