Bullet Train

I am the bullet train to endless self-love. 

Girl looking in mirror.jpg

I know, it's strong. For a long time, I would say this sentence only to my closest friends, the ones who knew that I hadn't accidentally fallen into a pitcher of woo-woo Kool-Aid.

But in recent months I've begun to tell others too, admittedly after telling them that I have an MBA and work as a COO. 

I've started saying it because it's at the root of my coaching, I think it's at the root of effective leadership and human-hood, and because endless self-love is my hope for everyone I work with, and everyone in the world. 

Why bullet-train?
Because I'm a New Yorker and I like to go fast. Bullet trains, or Shinkansen as they are called in Japanese, are the fastest trains in the world, traveling up to 320 km/hr. Bullet trains are direct, they get you where you want to go, as fast as possible. They are also precise. And I think that good coaching is precise, with right word choice and fine distinctions leading the way to great insight. 

Why self-love?
Because it's at the root of trusting oneself and having self-confidence, which are critical skills for a leader. It's also at the root of understanding one's preferences and hearing one's inner voice, which are important in decision-making. It's at the root of contentment and happiness, in the form of appreciating and enjoying oneself. And it's at the root of love. I think that in order to love somebody else, it helps to love yourself. 

It seems to me that the ability to continually return to oneself with love is an essential human skill, one that lays the foundation for many other skills and helps us achieve success and fulfillment.  

Why endless?
Because there are many moments and situations in our lives that take us away from understanding, trusting and taking care of ourselves. And in those moments it's important that we notice the gap that's emerged and have practices that help us come back to appreciating and listening to ourselves. 

Why me?
Because I love to coach and I'm a great listener. I had the opportunity to lead people at an early age and found myself in board rooms and at leadership tables before I felt fully ready. I practiced my version of fake it till you make it, hoping nobody would realize that's what I was up to. Over time I came to see that I belonged in these leadership roles and wasn't an imposter. My work with young leaders comes from my personal experience as a young leader and the particular stresses that opportunity brings. 

I'm someone who devoted a lot of time to her career. And that career has brought me many worthwhile challenges, fantastic colleagues, and exciting successes. I love helping people bring about the kinds of work they really want. 

I am a certified coach; I'm intuitive, intellectual and curious; and I listen with fine emotional awareness. If this resonates, drop me a line.